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Destination of the month

Hanover City Hall (Rathaus)

Hanover is the capital of Lower Saxony in Germany. Largely rebuilt from scratch after being razed during World War II, Hanover has large green areas, with forests, big parks and the spectacular lake Masch. Hanover held the World Expo 2000 and is one of the host cities for the World Cup 2006. (more...)

Off the beaten path

Three Mile Campsite on Isle Royale

Isle Royale, in the far north of Michigan, is a rugged 210-sq-mi wilderness preserve, resembling the eye of a snarling wolf on maps of Lake Superior. It has one of the highest densities of moose in North America, and one of the lowest densities of human visitors in the U.S. National Park system. (more...)



Cape Maclear, Zambia, South Luangwa National Park, Cape Town, Kruger National Park, South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, more...


Tashkent, The Narrow Road to the Deep North, Kawasaki, Bombay, Hoi An, Chiang Mai, Iya Valley, Mamallapuram, more...

Australasia & Oceania

Melbourne, Wake Island, Newcastle, Pitcairn Islands, New Zealand, Hobart, Hinchinbrook Island, Gunbarrel Highway, more...


Seville, Villach, Birmingham, Basel, Tallinn, Krakow, Swansea, Ischia, Rome. more...

Middle East

Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Iran, Petra, Egypt, Syria, more...

North America

Plymouth, Sleeping Bear Dunes, Swansboro, Penticton, Sleepy Hollow, Boston, Toronto, Grand Canyon, more...

Central America & Caribbean

El Salvador, Flores, Guatemala City, San Salvador, Antigua, more Central America...
Barbados, Cuba, Puerto Rico, more Caribbean...

South America

Colombia, Cochabamba, La Paz, Falkland Islands, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, more...

Other destinations

Events and festivals in June, the Arctic, the Antarctic, other island nations, Space, UNESCO World Heritage sites, List of countries

Travel topics

Itineraries, Leave-no-trace camping, Round the world flights, Hitchhiking in Japan, Finding accommodation, Istanbul to New Delhi over land, First and business class travel, Discount airlines in Europe, more...


Malay, Japanese, Romanian, Dutch, German, Norwegian, Spanish, more...


  • Crossing Antarctica on ski to reach the South Pole takes about 65 days one way.
  • Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA contains a winding staircase that appears to stand without any support.
  • Fronts of houses in Berchtesgaden, Germany, are painted colorfully, mainly with scenes of the nearby mountains, but one with a panel featuring monkeys.

Travel news

Train disruption in Thailand

10 June 2006

Floods in Uttaradit have washed away tracks connecting Bangkok and Chiang Mai, disrupting services on the northern line. Target date for restoring service is June 17th. (more...)

Terminal shuffle at Tokyo

2 June 2006

The reopening of Tokyo-Narita's Terminal 1 shifts many airlines around: in a nutshell, Star Alliance airlines will move to T1, oneworld airlines move to T2, and other airlines may stay put or move so check carefully. (more...)

Volcano, earthquake near Yogyakarta

27 May 2006

Mount Merapi, a volcano about 30 km from Yogyakarta, Indonesia, has started to erupt, with pyroclastic flows reaching 4 km from the crater, and a possibly related earthquake killed over 4500 in the area. The region around the volcano has been evacuated and is closed to visits. (more...)

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